explodingdog at andenken gallery

june 30th to august 26th 2006

andenken gallery
2110 market st.
denver, CO 80205

the outside of the Andenken Gallery, with a very large Evan Hecox mural on the side

i had planned getting out to the gallery early to have a few days to set up and get everything just right. unfortunately because of flight cancellations and other airline problems i spend over 36 hours in the airport. so by the time i got out i only had two days to set up.

i have been making dog prototypes for years, so for this show i finally made some dogs. here they are waiting for me to hang the art. i have no idea what they talk about on the telephone.

the wall before hanging, the dogs are still waiting

many hours later

i did many, many drawings for this show and edited it down to about 150 drawings. the main theme was dogs, but every drawing relates to others in the show, some subtly, some more obviously.

large panorama of almost all the drawings

i took two sets of photos of the show. the first set i just took quickly after i finished setting up, it was during the day and i was battling this giant skylight. i took a second set later spending more time and taking better photos under more controlled lighting, but i can't find that memory card, so don't complain about these photos.

the black telephone dog who was discussing life with the red telephone dog, and the copper dog

the black dog

the copper dog

here is a lousy photo of two of the other dogs. there was one more dog but those pictures are on the missing memory card.

i was sharing the gallery with the artist Donny Miller and i really like his art. but i had never met him before and from looking at his art i had the impression that he could be a real ass, but he was not, he was very polite and gracious.

i didn't take many photos of donny's art, but it was prints from his book Beautiful People with Beautiful Feelings, which he is on tour promoting.

the opening was friday june 30th. many people came out and we had a great time. i decided to sell the drawings right off the wall. so anyone purchasing a drawing could have the instant gratification of taking the drawing with them.

that is all for now, the show is up until august 26th 2006. if you are in the area you should get out to see it.

andenken gallery
2110 market st.
denver, CO 80205

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published 07.11.2006