drawing game

what it is

a group drawing. a simpler version of this used to be played on the old explodingdog message boards, started by the board member erazorhead. also played on paper by most everyone that draws. this is my version.

the drawing is done as it is

this is the drawing

i am not planing on doing another drawing, it was fun doing the first one, i am just unable to keep up with doing another. thanks to every one who participated.

how it worked

  1. i will give you the number of a square to draw, you can request a certain number, but you might not get it
  2. once given a number you need to wait until the square with lower numbers surrounding your square are drawn
  3. please draw your square and get it back to me within 3 days. the sooner you get it back to me the better
  4. you can draw whatever you like, and you do not need to emulate the style of adjoining squares, but it should connect somehow with the squares it borders
  5. square size is 200 pixels x 200 pixels. save your drawing as a .gif
  6. email your square to thedrawings@explodingdog.com
  7. name the square with your number .gif using a four digit number, for example 0011.gif
  8. include in the email the name, url, and or email address you want to be given credit to, if you give me your url, i will link your square to your site

sample grid

this is how the squares are laid out, 1 in the center and moving out.

the actual grid

click here!