i wish i had a goat, i hate everyone, i hate everything, say sandwich, don't look at it!, do you like burritos?, pasta in a cup, i stole a salt shaker and filled it with sugar, i have an itch, i can fit that bush in my shirt, thursday?, mexico head, tuesday, creepy elevator guy, i opened the diet coke can after i saw her shake it, this should be illegal, you're touching me!, don't touch me!, it's not an assembly until i take off my shoe, it's cold in here, i have a ketchup collection in my car, i like beans, i want to kick everyone!, i want to wound your flesh, i am an albino ninja, i am a vampire, being a vampire is like having a permanent hangover, that's not mine, mine!, give me that!, everything is stupid, why do my feet smell so badly?,  hypocrite! Ok, i think that's it. have a nice day.

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