Red Robot Pumpkins!

Pumpkins at the Zoo

I work at a zoo, and in October we do something called "Beast Feast" where some animals are given pumpkins to eat or play with on the weekends. I take care of two Southern Ground Hornbills who love to get their diet in a pumpkin so they can both dine and beat the crap out of something. I carved two of Sam's characters into two of the pumpkins I was given and then photographed the carnage. On the close up of the pumpkin with their food in it you may notice meatballs, pieces of mouse and superworms- all the regular zoo diet of these guys. As you can see, "Cleo" picked it all off of Red Robot before ripping his arm off. The Sam-Bird fared a little better initially, but they both met their complete demise after a short time. The last time I saw "Red Robot" he was laying next to a discarded toy ball by the water bowl. I hope you enjoyed these, because clearly the hornbills had fun, and it made my day at work a little more interesting!