my stupid problem with Wired Magazine

every issue since november 2000

back in the day, when Wired magazine first came out, a friend of mine showed me the first couple issues. I thought it was very cool, and from then on I started buying it whenever i could, and soon i had a subscription. I kept every issue and were ever i was living, I had a spot on my bookshelf for the archives of the magazine.

sometime in the year 2000 I decided I was too cool to read Wired. this was around the same time I was moving into a new apartment in NYC. a small apartment. so I threw out about six years of Wired.

the november 2000 issue

that was cool until in the november 2000 issue. they did a little write up of explodingdog, that was fantastic. so I started reading and buying Wired again. and I started to regret throwing out all the early issues of wired.

I regreted it because the early issues were amazing, they made the future and technology seem so exciting. everything about the magazine seemed intense and cutting edge.

the older issues seemed like the were designed to be a great magazine. but the newer issues don't have that same feeling.

going away

so my stupid problem is, I have not been able to throw out the newer issues of Wired, because I regret throwing the older issues out. but the newer issues are just not as exciting. they are not bad, I still think it is a quality magazine. but there just doesn't seem to be a reason that reading the old articles in the magazine would be any better than reading them online. so I am throwing them all out.

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